August 21, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the process of making my order?

This will depend on what kind of order you have placed. My process of design and review is geared towards keeping you in the loop on how your order is progressing, and to make sure you are completely happy with the end result.

During the ordering process for envelopes / place cards / escort cards and the like, I will discuss the style you want, as well as ideas for the ink colour and layout. Once I receive your signed contract, deposit, paper goods (if applicable) and finalised list I can begin work on your project. I will typically send you a picture of the pieces after the first few are complete before finishing your project.

For more intricate projects such as save the dates, invitation suites, signs and custom prints I would first speak with you to get all the details of your project. Once I have an idea of what you want I work to provide some rough sketches and mock ups to make sure you are happy with the design, and when you have okayed this I can commence work on a final layout and design which will be sent through for your proofing and approval. What follows are any additional rounds of tweaks or proofs required to make sure your piece is perfect. (The number or rounds included in the cost your project will depend on the nature of the piece so please contact me for more information!). This will culminate with a final proof for your approval, which depending on your project may be a layout sketch before the ink is applied, or a digital proof.

Do you address envelopes?

Yes, I absolutely do! Addresses can be written in formal pointed pen calligraphy, a quirkier style or something completely different like brush lettering. I would love to discuss your envelopes and find a style that you love that compliments your invitations.

Do you collaborate with other creatives?

Yes, definitely! I have really enjoyed the styled shoots I have been a part of and it is a fantastic experience to work with other creative people in the industry. I love working with wedding and event stylists and planners to create unique pieces for their clients. I am also able to work with other businesses to create calligraphy for their blogs, events or showcases. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any projects you have in mind.

I am interested in calligraphy work that is not for a wedding, an invitation, or an envelope, what should I do?

Please feel free to contact me! Weddings are just a small part of what I do at Little Duck Calligraphy, with work which spans from love letters to baby showers gifts to every other exciting unique and beautiful project you can think of. I love being a part of creation of beautiful things that you can remember and cherish for years to come.

Do you offer different Calligraphy styles?

Yes, while I have a style that comes most naturally to me I am happy to work with inspiration pictures you have found to come up with the perfect style for your project. While I will not copy another artists or calligrapher’s work I will gladly look at pictures you have found for inspiration and exercise my skill-set to create a beautiful look for you.

When should I book my calligraphy project? What is your turnaround time?

The rule of thumb is that the earlier a job is booked in, the better – this allows me to schedule my bookings and ensure that I have enough time for everybody. My time does get booked up especially leading up to seasonal events (including wedding season!) so to avoid disappointment please feel free get in touch as early as possible. Turn around time always depend on the specifics and quantities of your project but to avoid any rush fees there must be at least 3 weeks between your booking confirmation and expected delivery date. Some projects such as invitation suites or other quantity based pieces may require longer than three weeks.

What if I haven’t left three weeks for my project?

Rush orders can be made in the event a project requires a faster turnaround time. Such orders may incur an additional 50% surcharge on top of the regular order cost. Rush orders are not actually “rushed” but rather reprioritised above existing orders to ensure completion within the desired timeframe, however we cannot guarantee there will always be time available so we always recommend contacting us well in advance.

Can you send me a price list?

Each piece of calligraphy is written by hand and no two items will ever be exactly the same, so for the most part each quote must similarly be uniquely tailored to your requirements. As a general guide see the below list, however, keep in mind that these prices can vary depending on the use of custom materials, detailing and inks.

  • Spot Calligraphy (e.g. names on invitations) $2 each
  • Envelope addressing
    • Outer envelope $3.50 each
    • Inner envelope $2.50 each
    • Return Address $2 each
    • RSVP Envelope $2 each
  • Place card $2 each
  • Escort Card (name and table number) $2.50

For menus, table numbers, seating plans, wedding vows or other event signage, please contact Little Duck Calligraphy for a quote.

For any other bespoke calligraphy requests, including love letters, custom prints, baby room signs and anything else you have in mind,  please provide details and Little Duck Calligraphy will tailor a quote for your request.

Please note this pricing is a guide only. It is always advisable to contact the us for a personalised quote.

Do I need to put down a deposit?

Yes, along with returning your signed contract, you will need to pay a deposit of 50% of the order cost to reserve the necessary time to complete your project on schedule.

What colour inks do you use?

Any and every colour! When you contact us about your project I will discuss ink colours with you and what would suite your project. I have a lovely range of metallics and am absolutely happy to mix custom colour batches or colour match for you, just be aware that these can incur an additional fee.

Who supplies the “paper” goods (envelopes, place cards, chalkboards/mirrors, etc.)?

This is entirely up to you to decide. Usually if a client is booking me just for calligraphy services (addressing, day-of, etc.), they will also provide the materials. If you’d like us to help take care of that step, Little Duck Calligraphy can supply paper goods upon request. I will discuss these options with you to ensure that the paper goods chosen will compliment your order and depending on the requirements there may be additional cost.

(I do recommend that if you are getting your invitation suite from somewhere else that you order your envelopes through them to ensure consistency across your suite, however I would love to address these for you!)

As with paper goods, the mirror, chalk board or alternative materials (marble coasters, agate slices, etc.) are typically supplied by you. Little Duck Calligraphy owns four A2(ish) sized chalk boards with ornate gold frames that are available to hire out at $15 each for a 3 day period, in addition to calligraphy costs. If you would like me to source the materials for your unique idea please get in touch and I may be able to help at a small cost to cover time plus the cost of the item/s.

Do I need to provide extra envelopes or paper goods?

If you are providing the envelopes, place cards or other paper goods you will need to supply approximately 15-20% extra to account for additional requests, errors or mishaps. If Little Duck Calligraphy is supplying your paper I will automatically include 20% extra to cover this.

How do I get my items?

I normally use Australia Post to deliver items with the cost of postage included in your final invoice. If you are nearby you can also arrange to personally collect items, or talk to me about delivery depending on where you are located.

Do you offer refunds or exchange?

Each piece is uniquely designed and written by hand to your project specifications and no two pieces will be exactly the same. I cannot offer full refunds once you have received a proof as by this point I will have spent many hours getting your design just right for you.

Before supplying your proof we will have discussed the design together to work out exactly what you are picturing. I am always happy to walk you through my process, answer any questions and work out what is best for you – so when you get your final piece there should be no surprises anyway!

If you’re really dissatisfied with something, send us an email and we’ll talk. I value my work and don’t want to see any unhappy customers!

I still have more questions?

I’d love to answer them personally. Please contact me at Little Duck Calligraphy with any questions!