August 21, 2016


Tess&Andrew-49I am a modern calligrapher and handletterer, and while my natural style leans towards the traditional I love to experiment with styles and techniques to find the perfect match for your project. I have dabbled in both lettering and art my whole life, but it was while planning my own wedding to Mr Little Duck that I truly fell in love with calligraphy and the wonderful world of lettering it is a part of.FullSizeRender 4

I love to read and have been known to accidentally read through the night on occasion. I LOVE food and cooking and baking.  Mr Little Duck and I have two black cats who, while extremely cute, can turn calligraphy into an extreme sport at times. I studied history at university and am a life-long lover of historical stories and all things old. Already a hoarder of beautiful old things, I now drag Mr Little Duck from place to place in search of vintage nibs, ink wells and writing desks. I love to collect beautiful things and any sort of stationary I can get my hands on so my calligraphy career has just escalated this.

Based in Brisbane, Little Duck Calligraphy is named for my husbands' nickname for me. Each piece made at Little Duck Calligraphy is a lovingly crafted and unique piece.I fell in love with pointed pen calligraphy and that grew to include brush lettering and watercolour lettering too, so love creating pieces where I can find the perfect mix. I am passionate about the entire process of creating new pieces : from the first spark of the design idea to the painstaking process of making it come to life. My process usually includes roughing out an idea in quick bullet points, sketching in pencil, lettering in ink and (for the projects that call for it) refining a digital copy on the computer. Custom calligraphy can transform the feel of an event or room and I love to work with my clients to create an elegant touch or fun visual addition. From custom prints to envelope addressing, invitation suites and unique projects I love to use my elegant and graceful style to help bring your vision to life!